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The Noise Trak System by STS Audio Consulting

The Noise Trak System is a comprehensive sound measurement and remote monitoring system. It consists of remote devices called Noise Satellites. Each Noise Satellite is capable of operating for up to 30hours without AC. It measures LEQ, LCS and real time Spectrum is available as well. The Noise Satellite is linked to the Noise Trak app via cellular connection. A Type 2 microphone is standard but Type 1 is available at slightly increased cost. Preamp is recallable remotely and has 90db of dynamic range. The devices are weatherproof and have been tested in grueling outdoor conditions and performed perfectly.

Noise Link

At the basis of the system is a core measurement software. This full featured software performs without fail and has been directly interfaced with the Noise Trak app via Noise Link plugin.

LEQ logs are stored locally on each Noise Satellite and on the Noise Trak cloud. Data stored on the cloud is available for 14 days at no charge for short term rentals. If you need a long term lease the data remains on the cloud until 30 days after the end of the lease. Yearly storage is available for a minimal annual fee. Audio samples are constantly recorded in 1 minute increments and are stored as mono wave files. They can be uploaded to the cloud, in compressed format, as needed during measurement.

The audio files can be played back to back, seamlessly, to gives a complete audio history of each Noise Satellite utilized. This should prove to be a most valuable tool.

This app gives GPS position on a street view map of each Noise Satellite in use. Icons go from green, yellow to red based on a user defined threshold. A histograph charts the LEQ for the duration of the measurement as well as minimum, max and average LEQ for a given period. Alert status is listed for each device.

Alerts are sent automatically via email, SMS or automated voice call. The alerts follow the threshold limits.

A warning is sent when within 3db of limit and again when threshold is reached.

Alerts continue for five minutes at one minute intervals then 1 every 5 minutes after. The web interface can also be recorded to allow for replay at a later time.

This feature is exclusive to this product. You can watch SPL changes linked with time stamped audio from each Noise Satellite. This allows moving thru the timeline at random to show logged levels at a given point in time with the audio synced for accurate reproduction. This graphical playback will be invaluable when presenting data to a client or governing body.


The wireless remote possibilities of this system lend itself to many avenues. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding the system or pricing.


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